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Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red or Not? 4 Major Side Effects

Think about your routine day you possibly put a lot of products into or on your body. Some items may seem harmless but some may have an inimical effect on your body. If not promptly then gradually over the years. As we become growingly conscious of this fact we also see purchasers looking for natural products with slighter side effects. And in this atmosphere, CBD has been raised as a natural product that can address a broad variety of conditions without triggering cogent side effects. Individuals who battle eye problems such as poor eyesight can have a look at the possible effects of CBD on their eyes. Let’s explore the potential of CBD eye treatments.

What does CBD mean?

For years utilizing the cannabis plant or any of its products was lawful in the United States. Then came the 2018 Farm Bill which approved the use of CBD products so long as they evolved from industrial hemp plants and included less than 0.3% THC.  CBD also known as cannabidiol is mostly praised for its potential health benefits such as mitigating symptoms of anxiety and pain among others. The cannabis plant has two main vital components CBD and THC. These are just two of hundreds of combinations known as cannabinoids involved within the plants. Both compounds produce several benefits but THC builds mind-altering effects while CBD doesn’t. Hemp categories of cannabis plants contain high absorptions of CBD and low absorptions of THC whereas marijuana plants are the opposite. Both these cannabinoids deal with a critical system in your body that modulates a host of bodily functions and helps manage internal balance. Your body produces its endocannabinoids that tackle restoring balance when you’re stressed, depressed, anxious, or feeling pain. Adding extrinsic cannabinoids like CBD may assist expedite this process by enhancing their function to restore balance quickly. Now as we have a better understanding of CBD let’s look at its effects on the eyes.

Aftermaths of CBD on eyes

You may be bothered about using CBD if you have eye problems. Can CBD affect your eyes or does CBD make your eyes red-eye redness is it one of the side effects of strong THC products? But here you normally expand bloodshot eyes when small blood vessels become dilated. And since CBD may assist reduce blood pressure it feeds to constrict blood vessels to overcome redness. CBD eye drops have expressed development in the cure of corneal pain and inflammation.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory attributes

CBD also pops out to have antibiotic properties. This is favorable, especially for your eye’s retina which can become infected if you have diabetes or endotoxin pressure. There is an extensive link between these conditions. When you have low glutathione levels you can emerge with both diabetes and macular degeneration. In early studies, CBD has been found to reduce both these situations.


Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red

Glaucoma is an eye disease that concludes in fluid pressure eminence in your eye. If not cured on time, glaucoma can lead to loss of vision and even eternally blindness. It can happen at any age but it is more normal with older people. According to the Glaucoma Foundation, almost three million people in America presently fight from glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the expanding causes of blindness in the US and currently people believe that CBD could be utilized to cure Glaucoma.

CBD discomforts with Glaucoma

According to new research, CBD elevates your eye pressure. This is a reason for concern since glaucoma clashes with your eyesight because of high-pressure levels. The high pressure from the optic nerve brings about damage to the nerve. And since its job is to convey visual information to the brain, this blow leads to lasting vision loss. While anyone can evolve this eye condition, specific factors enhance your risk. These include

  • Eye injuries
  • Eye surgery
  • Old age
  • Illnesses such as hypothyroidism

CBD for Glaucoma

As we mentioned ahead, the present research regarding Cannabidiol as a cure for glaucoma is not promising. CBD comes out to enhance eye pressure. According to a study in Indiana CBD elevated eye pressure by 18% for at least four hours after drops were conducted. In comparison when testing THC eye drops researchers noted that eye pressure was reduced by up to 30% within eight hours of the dose. This research erases CBD as a glaucoma treatment. It does enact THC and by expansion marijuana as a possibly effective option. Just keep in mind THC is psychoactive and can provide you a high so several people may choose to avoid this treatment option.

Perks of Using CBD

Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red

Even though CBD  won’t mitigate glaucoma symbols you can relish its other benefits. Many consumers who suffer from symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and pain seek CBD gives analgesic and anti-nausea characteristics so it offers them relief. Also in specific cases, studies express CBD lowers intraocular pressure in the eye. Although more research is compulsory given the contrary findings. However, we may seek that CBD can reduce your IOP and assist in protecting the retinal cells. CBD may also assist in lowing fear and anxiety before or after eye surgery. At this time CBD eye drops are still a work in evolution. Do not make an effort to switch or replace your prescribed eye medications without talking to your doctor.


Research on CBD has concluded that CBD does not bring out ‘red eye’ as it does not hitch to receptors in the same way as THC. Our physiological feedback to CBD is completely dissimilar to THC. CBD does not create your eyes dilate and as it is unintoxicated it will also not make you feel high.

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Zoey Anderson
Zoey Anderson
Leveraging my research background in cannabis science, I translate complex discoveries into actionable insights. My passion lies in bridging the scientific understanding of this plant with the needs of patients and the evolving cannabis industry.


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