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How to Recharge a Disposable Vape? 5 Easy Steps

They are convenient to use, easy on the pocket, and offer customization! There are so many things to love about disposable vapes that you can recharge and reuse. However, beginners must understand that there are risks associated with charging vapes recklessly. Therefore, you must be aware of all precautionary measures beforehand. 

Can You Recharge Disposable Vapes?

The best part about rechargeable disposable vapes is that they do not need to be discarded after one-time use. Traditional disposable vapes were designed to be used once until their e-liquid was exhausted. 

However, with latest advancements, it is possible to reuse disposable vapes simply charging them through the USB port typically installed at the bottom of the vape. 

This means that pocket-friendly devices have now become environmentally-friendly too as the disposal rates are drastically low. However, the battery size is small so device-specific charges must be used with safety to ensure danger-free recharging. 

Steps To Recharge a Disposable Vape 

Since rechargeable disposable vapes are meant to be reused, their charging technique is rather very simple and straightforward. 

  • Remove the cap from the bottom of the vape to uncover the charging port. 
  • Then gently insert the micro USB end into the port. 
  • Be cautious of not inserting too deep as you can end up damaging the port in the process. 
  • After that, insert the other end of the charging cable to a USB port that will act as a power source. 
  • Confirm that the vape is charging by looking for in-built indicators like a battery sign or a color-coded charging bar. 

How Long Should You Charge a Disposable Vape?

The time it takes to charge a rechargeable disposable vape depends on the charger’s output, quality of the charging cable that you are using, battery’s health, and the internal charging circuitry of the vape. Although there are no set rules, following measures provide some idea of how long it may take to recharge your vape. 

  • Up to 2 hours for a vape with battery capacity of 400 mAh. 
  • Approximately 3 hours for a vape with battery capacity of 500 mAh. 
  • Up to 3.5 hours for a vape with battery capacity of 600 mAh. 
  • More than 4 hours for a vape with battery capability of 750 mAh. 

It is not recommended to try to charge your vaping device quickly as they have small capacity batteries and high voltage can compromise the device irreversibly. 

When To Recharge Your Vape For Seamless Experience 

How to recharge a Disposable Vape

How do you figure out that your vape is running out of battery? As convenient as it could have been, there are no audio alarms to make it happen. Modern vapes do come with LED indicators but this is not common. Therefore, you have to know these simple tips to help determine if it is recharging time for your disposable vape. 

  • Vape taste often changes when the battery is low. You will notice an off-taste because the vaporizer does not function efficiently with a low charge. 
  • Decreasing vapor also points towards an exhausted battery. If the density of the vapor suddenly dilutes, you should put the device on recharging. 

What To Do If The Vape Is Not Charging 

Charging issues are common with rechargeable disposable vapes. However, if you are facing a problem, it may be because of the varied specifications of charges available in the market. 

Chargers have unique protocols. The device may not charge at all if you are using a mismatched cable. You should also consider cleaning the USB port from time to time as trapped dirt or debris can hinder port functionality. Small amount of alcohol on a cotton swab is often sufficient to clean the charging port reliably. 

Risks Associated With Recharging Disposable Vapes 

Disposable vapes often lack security features so being reckless when charging may result in an accident. Some of the risks of recharging disposable vapes carelessly include: 

  • You can damage the vape irreversibly when taking out the battery for charging. Moreover, contact with the battery exposes you to hazardous chemicals and components. 
  • Use of incompatible chargers can result in battery overheating and cause battery damage or an explosion. 
  • Overcharging the vape which can result in battery failure. This happens because disposable vapes do not have a proper circuitry to regulate charging. If the battery gets overheated, it can even explode. 
  • Similar scenarios can be expected when attempting to charge disposable vapes in extreme weather conditions (where it is too hot or too cold). Temperature fluctuations increase the risk of thermal runaway which can cause battery malfunction. 
  • There is no guarantee whether the battery in the vape is used or damaged. Let’s say that the battery is indeed damaged before you attempt to take it, trying to recharge it poses significant risk. 

You may think, “it’s just another disposable vape that I am trying to recharge” but things can get uncomfortable very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that you always pay attention to unusual signs such as battery overheating or leakage before recharging the vape. 

Moreover, do not attempt “DO IT YOURSELF” experiments without proper guidance. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Charging a Disposable Vape 

To minimize the risk of incurring an accident when recharging a disposable vape, always keep in mind the following guidelines: 

  • Always use appropriate charging cables that meet the device’s specifications for risk-free charging. 
  • Do not use a wall charger designed for mobile phones or tablets. They often induce “quick charge” which poses a risk of overheating vaping devices. 
  • Do not try out anything that you have no experience with. In case of battery overheating or leaking, take the device to the retailer for replacement or fixing. 

Are Rechargeable Disposable Vapes Worth The Money?

Disposable vapes have higher upfront costs but they are cheaper in the long run as compared to traditional disposable vapes. This is because the rechargeable disposable vape only needs e-liquid replacement from time to time depending on the consumption frequency. You can recharge the battery multiple times before disposing of the device. Traditional vapes that can not be recharged are used for limited time only. 

 Frequency vapers often develop a liking for customizable vapes. Luckily, rechargeable disposable vapes offer this feature as they allow buyers to adjust voltage settings to enhance the vaping experience as per their liking. 

Take-Home Message

Rechargeable disposable vapes were designed to minimize the waste resulting from excessive disposal of non-rechargeable counterparts. In fact, many retailers have recycling programs that encourage buyers to bring back their vapes so the company can discard them safely. 

Rechargeable vapes are a treat for frequent users but it is crucial to charge the battery carefully, keeping in mind all the precautionary measures. 

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What are the advantages of using disposable vapes? 

The biggest advantage of disposable vapes is that they are ready-to-use out of the box. You don’t have to worry about refilling and recharging them. Moreover, the vapes are lightweight and often come in all cute colors and sizes. Disposable vapes are cheaper and thus a perfect choice for beginners who do not want to invest in vapes with higher up-front costs. 

Can you revive a non-rechargeable disposable vape with charging? 

It is not possible to revive a non-rechargeable disposable vape. The device is designed to be used for a limited time and then discarded. It poses a safety risk to try to recharge such vapes. 

Can you recharge a disposable vape that does not have a USB port?

Vapes without rechargeable USB ports are designed for single use only. You can not recharge them and trying to do so may induce electrical hazard and device malfunction. 

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