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What is Rainbow Runtz Strain, Benefits and More

What if we tell you there is a cannabis strain in the market that can brighten up your day on the very first puff. With excellent THC content and potent effects, the strain has made it to the list of favorites for many cannabis enthusiasts. 

Origins of the Rainbow Runtz Strain 

Rainbow Runtz is a hybrid strain formed from a combination of Rainbow Chip and Runtz. The genetics give the final strain a unique profile and delightful potency. 

Runtz is a hybrid strain itself with a sweet, candy-like flavor. Rainbow Chip is an Indica-dominant strain with a sweet and fruity taste. Rainbow Runtz inherits the qualities of its parents but Exotic Genetic, the group of breeders that produced the strain for the first, had a major role to play too. The group has spent a long time perfecting the genetics of the offspring and ensuring that its taste and aroma is fine-tuned to the liking of cannabis enthusiasts. 

How To Cultivate Rainbow Runtz Strain Correctly 

Cultivating the Rainbow Runtz strain takes practice. Luckily, breeders have identified key factors that affect its growth and how to optimize them. 

In order for the seeds to thrive, you have to maintain growth conditions with a sunny, dry and warm climate and temperature between 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The cultivation can be done indoors or outdoors as long as you are able to maintain these conditions and provide plenty of area for the plant to grow. 

It is also ideal to use well-drained soil with a pH level between 6.0 to 7.0. The soil can be reinforced with fertilizers during the vegetative stage and nutrients specific for blooming during the flowering stage.

Soil conditions and humidity are crucial factors as the cannabis is highly sensitive to mold and pests. Therefore, breeders also regularly check the plants for any warning signs and take preventive measures timely to avoid mishap. 

Low-stress training techniques such as topping, fimming, or pruning encourage growth. Low humidity levels ensure excellent trichome production and potent buds. 

Harvesting period is typically longer than those of other similar strains but as long as you provide the plant with care and the time it needs to blossom, the results will not disappoint you! 

Where To Buy Rainbow Runtz Strain Cannabis Seeds 

Rainbow Runtz Strain

There are many reputable sources online that offer a wide variety of strains from some of the industry’s top breeders such as the Exotic Genetix. . You can order and pay online for direct home delivery. 

Make sure that you are dealing with trustworthy sellers that provide authentic genetics. Differences in pricing may exist between different sellers but, typically, you will have to pay between $50 to $60 for a pack of 5 seeds. Expensive but worth it!

Rainbow Runtz Strain Complete Profile 


Imagine walking into a candy store. Can you feel your taste buds tingling already? 

This is the flavor that Rainbow Runtz induces. It is sweet with a hint of citrus and tropical fruit. You will also feel subtle sourness as you continue to inhale the cannabis. Overall, the flavor profile really leaves users wanting more with every puff. 

There is a fruity aftertaste that will linger on your tongue for a while and keep reminding you of the delightful experience you have had. 


The aroma of the strain is no less than the flavor profile. It is citrusy with a pinch of sweetness that is simply a treat. 


Rainbow Runtz strain has high THC content (19% to 29%). When you consume it via smoking or vaping, the strain will give you a powerful hit and you will begin to feel waves of euphoria and relaxation right away. 

Soon afterwards, physical symptoms start to appear, Some users feel more active, social and experience an increase in appetite. Others have complained about dry mouth. 

Benefits of Rainbow Runtz Strain 

  • The strain has THC levels between 19% to 29% which can give you a sudden boost of happiness and relaxation even with the first puff. 
  • Coupled with the amazing flavor, the strain has powerful effects within minimal consumption. 

User Reviews 

There are only a few hybrid strains that have captured the heart of cannabis users like the Rainbow Runtz. It is a perfect mix of unique flavor, lovely aroma, and potent effects. It will not be wrong to say that it is one of the premium marijuana strains that has become a common household name.

Users have shared that Rainbow Runtz can really make their “taste buds dance” out of excitement. In fact, the internet is full of positive reviews from happy customers who consider this strain to be their “top picks after a tiring day”. 

Some users are cautious because they believe that Rainbow Runtz strain induces anxiety. Although there is no scientific data to back it up, we recommend limiting the use of cannabis if we experience any unpleasant side effects. Also, watch out for pricey sellers online. 

Take-Home Message 

If you are looking to explore other similar strains, common ones such as the legendary Blue Dream and the hybrid strain Scooby Snacks might be good options to start with. The Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid perfect for daytime use while the Scooby Snacks has powerful sedative effects that you might enjoy after a long tiring day.

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What strains are similar to Rainbow Runtz? 

You will notice that the effects and taste of White Runtz, Pink and Space Runtz is similar to that of Rainbow Runtz. 

What strain of runtz is the strongest? 

Rainbow Runtz is one of the strongest Runtz strain with THC content of about 32%. 

As a cannabis researcher, I leverage my experience to unveil the potential of this therapeutic plant. My research is driven by a desire to empower patients and shape the future of evidence-based cannabis medicine.


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