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What is Gelonade Strain, Benefits and More

Gelonade strain is on the “must-try” list of any and every cannabis enthusiast. It is a combination of Lemon Tree and Gelato #41. The strain has earned popularity due to its medicinal recreational benefits but there’s definitely more than what meets the eye here! Let’s explore the unique quality of the Gelonade strain and what it holds for cannabis lovers.

Origin of Gelonade Strain Profile 

Gelonade strain is a mix between Lemon Tree and Gelato #41. The combination of these famous strains gives Gelonade an outstanding cannabis profile that is absolutely favorite for the enthusiasts. HC content of approximately 25%

Additionally, it is visually appealing as well. The strain has dense buds, vibrant colors, and frosty trichomes to enhance aesthetics. The exciting structure of the strain stems from its parents characteristics. The frame is similar to Gelato and the elongated, tapered buds are quite like Lemon Tree.

Now the strain has become quite popular owing to its flavorful profile. It also delivers a strong buzz and long-lasting effect making it a favorite in the cannabis community. 

How To Cultivate Gelonade Strain 

Gelonade Strain

One of the most crucial factors when cultivating Gelonade strain is to choose suitable soil. The soil must be nutrient-rich with pH between 6.0 to 7.0. Some breeders prefer to add perlite or vermiculite to enhance growth. Ensuring high supply of potassium and phosphorus is crucial to prevent nutrient deficiency. They also need to control humidity levels between 40% to 50% during the vegetative period and up to 60% when the strain is flowering. 

Optimizing light exposure also positively affects Gelonade growth. The strain should ideally receive 18 hours of light during vegetative growth and 12 hours during flowering stage. Ideal temperature range is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Pruning techniques are often used to promote healthy growth and higher yields. Topping and FIMing are typically employed to encourage growth and increase yield. Moreover, Low-stress training and Screen of Green pruning technique are effective too. Once the optimum growth is achieved, breeders harvest it within 8-9 weeks. Most are able to obtain up to 500 grams per square meter.  

Where to Buy The Best Gelonade Strain Cannabis Seeds

The strain is available for purchase online at trustworthy sites such as TasteBudz Seeds and Crop King Seeds. You must look for a store that sells the strain through certified retailers for the best quality. 

Some websites sell cannabis deals as well where you can purchase shirts and hoodies to avail free Gelonade supply (or other cannabis) as a reward. 

Gelonade Strain Complete Profile 


The flavor of Gelonade strain is quite impressive. It has a bold and citrusy taste but you can expect the finishing note to be creamy and smooth. The lemony touch in the flavor is more dominant. 


The terpene flavor of the strain gives it an earthy and lemon-infused aroma. You can expect the scent to be a bit citrusy, a perfect blend of sweet and sour undertones. The earthy touch adds further depth to the overall aroma profile 


The dominant effect when consuming the strain is a relaxed sensation and uplifted mood. Users love it for the euphoric impact and use it for suitable reasons at various occasions. Gelonade also releases muscle tension and relaxes the body. 

Consumers have also reported feeling energized and focused. The effect can last up to several hours just after a moderate dosage. However, the degree of impact varies from person to person. The effect also depends on the dosage and individual’s tolerance. 

Benefits of Gelonade Strain

  • It offers an ideal balance between uplifting your mood and making one feel relaxed. 
  • It has medicinal benefits as well as it helps in pain relief. 

User Reviews 

Gelonade became increasingly popular in 2019. Since then, it has maintained a reputable profile in the cannabis world. Users love it for the unique flavor, delightful aroma, and relaxing effects. The reviews highlight the fruity taste of the strain and the energizing buzz that the strain promises not to forget its medicinal benefits of reducing anxiety, pain, and depression. 

Take-Home Message

If you are looking for the right balance between high-quality flavor and lovely aroma, the Gelonade strain is it! Its strong genetics make it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. You must experience this for yourself!

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Why has the Gelonade strain become so popular?

It has a unique flavor profile and potent effects so cannabis enthusiasts really adore it. 

How can you consume the Gelonade strain? 

Users often have it via vaping but using it as an ingredient in various edibles is a famous option too. You can have it cooking, gummies, brownies, etc. 

What is included in the Terpenes profile for Gelonade strain?

The Terpene profile includes Linalook, Ocimene, Caryphyllene, and Limonene. 

What can Gelonade strain help you with?

It is used to treat anxiety, depression, chronic stress, pain, and appetite loss. 

As a cannabis researcher, I leverage my experience to unveil the potential of this therapeutic plant. My research is driven by a desire to empower patients and shape the future of evidence-based cannabis medicine.


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